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Finding the Best Roofing Contractor for Your Roofing Project



Finding the best roofing contractor for your roofing project 

If you have a big roofing task that requires a professional roofing company, like repairs or new roof installation, you’ll want to find the best contractor for the job in your area. It is not only a costly investment, you’ll want it done right the first time to avoid future issues.

There's a few tips you’ll want to follow as a homeowner to choose an experienced roofing company. 

Check for Licensing & Insurance

Roofing is a dangerous job you should never attempt yourself. It’s important to have the right tools, materials and safety equipment. It’s also important to have experience & proper training. Reputable roofing contractors will have the requisite permits and licenses for each roofing job they take on.

Quality roofers will also carry all required insurance for its contractors and other employees, which will cover them in the event someone is hurt during your roof’s installation. As a homeowner, you should never work with a company that can’t provide proof of proper insurance for its workers.

Length of Time in Business

Avoid roofing companies that don’t have a lot of documented experience. There are many contractors that come and go quickly between jobs to avoid paying damages then reopen later under a new name. Work with a roofer that has years of experience and a solid reputation. 

Check Past Work

For businesses that are client oriented, reputation is their number one priority. Most professional roofing companies today have a website with portfolios of past work or at least online directories like a Google Business page, Facebook or other third party review sites with pictures of their past projects and reviews from their clients. Do your homework before hiring the first roofing company you find.

Pricing & Financing Agreements 

Don’t limit yourself to a certain number of estimates and it’s not always the smartest move to pick the cheapest option. Spend time talking to potential roofing companies until you believe you’ve got all of the information you need to make an informed decision. 

It’s also important to have financing agreements in writing and professionally documented. You will need to make sure you have a complete understanding of the terms and conditions. If you have questions about something, a knowledgeable contractor will make sure you get the answers you need.

Ask About Unplanned Repairs and Unsatisfactory Work

Like all construction projects, many unplanned things can cause the job to take an unexpected turn. But a professional contractor will make sure to take the best course of action to ensure the job is completed correctly. 

Discuss with your roofers what happens if they find problems that you may not be aware of like foundational issues such as water damage or rotten decking. Ask how they normally handle unexpected repairs and if there are hidden expenses that may be incurred. You’ll also want to ask what happens if you are not satisfied at the job’s completion. Will you spend hours on the phone, trying to reach a representative? Will the company take your money without correcting mistakes? Get these questions out in the open before you are left working with a company who doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

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