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Tips to Remove Mold From Your Roof


 Tips to remove mold from your roof


Finding mold on your roof or under the shingles can cause some distress. If you find mold on your roof or in the attic, the best thing to do is have a thorough, professional inspection to determine the full condition of your roof. While mold itself isn’t particularly harmful to the structural integrity of the roof, it can often mean there may be leaks or damage which needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

After a full assessment to ensure there is no damage to the roof, there are several ways to remove moss, algae or mold to keep your curb appeal above par. 

  • Cleaning your roof can be dangerous. If you are attempting to clean your roof without a professional, make sure to secure yourself in a harness, wear non-slip shoes and have a partner help you.

  • Pressure washers may be easier to use on a metal roof but they will damage shingles. If you have a shingle or tile roof, use a hose with a nozzle attached instead.

  • You may spray wash the roof with 1 part water and 1 part bleach to remove algae. Let it sit for around 60 minutes before rinsing.

  • If you find bleach and water solution too weak for the mold, try using trisodium phosphate. Mix a cup of it for every gallon of water.

  • There are other commercially available cleaning solutions in the market. Make sure to pay attention to the labels to ensure it's the right solution for your type of roof. Remember to ask a professional if you are unsure.

  • Ask your Roofing Company about waterproofing your roof! Waterproofing a roof prevents moisture and mold growth for longer periods of time.

The most important thing is to ensure your own safety! While it is important to maintain your roof as best you can on your own, it is always recommended to contact a professional before attempting to handle roofing issues. 

If your roof has an overwhelming amount of mold,contact our team to have it professionally assessed and cleaned. Centennial Roofing is now serving all of Okaloosa County. Our roofers continue to proudly serve homes and businesses in the Florida panhandle and up to Dothan, Alabama. If you are looking for a trusted roofing company in your area, visit our website to see if your community is covered by our contractors!

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