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Fall Roof Maintenance You Should Do Now


 Fall Roof Maintenance You SHould Do Now for your Panama City Home or Business


The fall season is a great time to give your roof some tender love and care while preparing it for the winter months ahead. Winter might be fairly moderate here in the sunshine state, but there are still some important things to look out for to make sure your home or business is protected from the elements.


Here are a few seasonal roof maintenance items to take care of now so your roof is ready for fall & winter:


Clean the Gutters

When leaves and other debris collect in your gutter system, it will eventually create a clog within the downspouts. This in turn will make rainwater overflow the gutters which can damage your roof. The added weight of leaves and water could also cause the gutters to collapse or become loose and less effective.

 Fall Roof Maintenance - Clean the Gutters 

Clear Any Debris

Do your best to safely remove leaves, branches, pine needles, and any other debris that does not belong on your roof. Even small amounts of debris can hold moisture which can possibly rot or mod, breaking down your roof's materials.

If you do not feel safe or experienced enough walking on your roof, hire a professional roofing contractor to do it for you. They will also most likely be able to spot any problem areas that may need more attention.

 Clear any debris from your roof - Fall roof maintenance

Scan for Damage

Once your roof has been cleared of debris, scan the surface for any missing, cracked, pr curled shingles. You will also want to check for any damaged flashing around chimneys, skylights, and vent stacks that could be causing leaks. You can use binoculars to inspect from the ground or have a Panama City Roofing company perform a roof inspection for you.

 Fall roof maintenance - scan for damage - broken shingles on roof 

Check Your Attic

During the day, sunshine hits your roof and heats up the air inside your attic. Without adequate airflow, you experience higher-than-usual energy bills and possible roof leaks. Without properly placed air vents, hot air will condensate, which causes moisture. This excess moisture can lead to mold or rot in your roof system.

 Fall Roof Maintenance - Check your attics insulation and ventilation 

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Probably the easiest way to make sure your roof is in good condition is to schedule a roof inspection with a trusted and licensed roofing contractor.

  • • Poor attic conditions
  • Corrosion
  • Water leaks and staining
  • Secure, missing, buckling, or curled shingles
  • Improper sealing
  • Structural damage
  • Weather damage


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