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Must-Know Tips for Repairing Water Damage from a Roof Leak


Must-know tips for repairing water damage from a roof leak

 When a roof leak causes water damage, it doesn’t only create ugly spots on your walls or ceilings, but the excess moisture can lead to mold. Living in a post-hurricane-ravaged area like Bay County, we know a thing or two about mold problems. Mold can become deadly and spread easily, so it’s important to prevent it in the first place by fixing any roof leaks immediately.

When You Notice the Leak

Unlike other drippy problems like a faucet, a leaky ceiling can not be put off. Any water that is coming through your ceiling means that the moisture has made it through several layers of roofing materials. It’s imperative that those materials are thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth.

Locating and Patching the Leak

Detecting a leak can be difficult. Dark conditions in an attic can pose a challenge, so having a local roofing company take a look and perform a roof inspection and bring the tools needed to detect and fix the leak fast.

Repairing Any Water Damage from a Roof Leak

When it comes to a minor roof leak, you can often handle the water damage with a wet-dry vac and some fans if found early. Be sure to remove as much moisture as possible from the area and monitor the affected materials overtime for any signs of problems.

Mold often begins as colorful little spots that spread across a surface, and ceilings can change in color even once they’re dry. Flooring is very susceptible to damage from a roof leak because when carpet padding sits wet for extended periods of time, replacing it is your best option. Water damage to wood can also cause it to buckle and curl.

Thankfully, you can stay on top of water leaks from the start by calling a trusted roofing contractor to perform an inspection and fix any issues fast. Panama City Beach roofing companies like Centennial Roofing offer emergency service with their maintenance plans, offer roof inspections and roof repairs for commercial and residential properties.

Whether you own a home, office building, business, warehouse, or any other structure, your roof plays a vital role in your investment. Neglecting routine service of your roof could lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage, or worse, over the long term. At Centennial Roofing, our team is made up of highly trained professionals who are trusted to perform work for many of Florida’s leading property managers, developers, and building owners., offering emergency roof repair services.

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