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Emergency Roof Repairs: Stop Further Damage in 5 Easy Steps



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Any commercial or residential roof, old or new, is susceptible to damage when exposed to extreme weather conditions. When your property is pounded by heavy rain and strong winds, prompt emergency repair is necessary in order to stop further damage from happening. Immediate action is critical since a damaged roof can affect the stability of the entire structure of the building while also causing more problems along the way.

Fortunately, there are roofers in Panama City Beach that offer emergency storm repair services.

But what if a roofing contractor is not available to assist right away? What if your local roofer is busy handling other storm repairs and you have to patch things up yourself first while waiting for the professional help?

Read on for easy steps you can take to stop further surface and structural damage to your roofing system in the aftermath of a storm.

  1. Before starting any temporary repairs, wait for the weather to improve. You could be putting your safety in jeopardy and you also need better weather conditions to fully assess the condition of your roof after the storm passes. 

  2. Once the bad weather has passed, you will need to do a quick inspection of your roof. Some small repairs may be able to be handled by the property owner but a professional roofing contractor should inspect the damage for more serious repairs.

  3. One of the biggest steps to preventing further damage to your home is the control of any water from seeping in or spreading to other areas. Any puddles or sitting water should be removed from the roof if possible to reduce the chance of roof leaks down the road.

  4. If there are any leaks, do your best to locate the source. Both an external and internal inspection should help provide enough direction to where the leak is coming from.

  5. Next, plug the leak if you can using patches, duct tape, taps, etc. The temporary solution may not be a pretty one but will buy you some time until a professional roofing company can help make a permanent repair.

Remember, as you work on making temporary repairs to your roof, remember to stay safe and take special care to not inflict further damage.


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