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5 Safety Tips For Roof Decorating


Many people decorate their roofs during the winter holiday season, bringing lights, color and warmth to their homes and neighborhoods. This year, we've made a list of five safety tips to help keep you safe as you decorate your own roof:


1. Have A Plan 


First, you’ll want to make a plan before getting on your roof. What decorations will you be using? Where do you want those decorations to go? Knowing the answers to these questions before hand and planning ahead will reduce the time you spend physically on your roof, and in turn reduce your chances of injury.

Go ahead and plug in your decorations before getting them on the roof as well, that way you can properly inspect them and repair or replace any pieces damaged.


2. Wear Proper Attire


Make sure you are dressed properly. Equip yourself with comfortable, non-slip footwear. Gloves are another important item to have with you. If it’s cold outside, don’t forget a coat.


3. Be Safe On Your Ladder 


First and foremost, keep your ladder on level ground and make sure it is tall enough. If you are hanging roof decorations, your latter should be taller than your roof. If you are hauling your tools and decorations up with you, use a rope as a line rather than carrying them up the ladder.

If you do have to take items up the latter with you, use extreme caution. Moving extra materials can cause you to tip or lose balance, which can lead to serious injury. 


4. Use the Buddy System 


It’s always important to have a helper on the ground. Not only is it helpful to have someone there handing you decorations and other tools you might need, it’s a huge safety protocol. The person on the ground is able to hold and stabilize the latter and keep an eye out for danger or potential accidents. 


5. Quality Electrical Cords ONLY

 When it comes to decorating your roof, stay away from cheap electrical cords. Only use UL cords and devices that are made specifically for outside use. Cheap cords can cause electrical problems and even run the risk of starting fires. 


Your cords should also have enough capacity to power all of the decorations you have connected to them, as well as the circuit you use from your home. You want to avoid shorting out the circuit or burning out any plugs. 



Finally, remember to take your time and have fun with it. Decoration your roof can be a process, but rushing it can lead to serious hazards and injuries. We hope you find these tips helpful, and wish you a lovely holiday season! 


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