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Storm Damage TRIAGE


Storm Damage:  What to do next


1. Document Damage:


      - Photo documentation

      - Video Documentation

      - Capture the tree damage, roof damage, exterior damage & interior damage



2. Safety: Make sure to check area for downed power lines, glass or debris damage 


      - Children and Pets are the most easily hurt in these adverse conditions



3. Call you Insurance Provider: Report a claim


      - Get a claim number

      - Communicate with the Insurance company on any temporary or full repair



3. If able provide a temporary repair or roof covering to prevent further damage 


      - Safety First 



4. Call a trusted contractor:  Centennial Roofing 1- 800-319-1072


      - After a major storm many people in your area might have property damage. 

      - A contractor may be able to provide a temporary repair and schedule a later date



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